Store Rules

Terms of subscription

  • Compensation policy for each package is different [ please make sure to read each one

  • Updating tools and programs from their developers, if updated from them, will be done in the store quickly

  • The subscription amount cannot be refunded after activation

  • It is not possible to recover the amounts transferred in error or the amounts in excess of the subscription price or for persons other than


  • Require IOS 11 and Up

  • The subscription cannot be transferred to another device

  • We never guarantee the ban in any application and do not bear the responsibility (use of programs and games at your own risk)

  • The subscription includes all programs and not only one program (do not subscribe because one program)

  • You can make a software, set it up, or update the device

  • If the certificate is broken or any problem with the updates, WhatsApp conversations will be lost

  • Subscribe to the store and not just for the hack

  • The store is not responsible for any downtime or interruption of any available software.

  • There is no Snap Plus in the store

  • We bear no responsibility if your accounts are banned

  • Use hack at your own risk

  • Transferring your subscription amount means that you agree to the store’s terms and conditions

  • Conditions are subject to change without prior notice