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Account Reseller Program

Due to recent revocations and new restrictions put in place by Apple on buying developer accounts, we are having a hard time providing replacements and new activations for iStoreBox.

Like every other signing service, iStoreBox also uses a personal Apple developer account to install apps onto your non-jailbroken iOS Device(s). Apple is now implementing a stricter purchase process which has made it difficult to purchase such accounts. Because of this, there are delays in activations and revoke replacements.

This is an unprecedented scenario, which we were not prepared for. So now we are seeking help from the community to help us by joining our Reseller Program and receive additional income from it.

Reseller Program:

The Concept behind the Reseller Program is that you buy a personal developer account from Apple and give it to iStoreBox . We will use those accounts to provide activations and replacements to members affected.

You will be offered $225 or equivalent for every developer account which costs $99 or equivalent upon verification and handover of the account. Which is double the amount of what you paid.

If you are an Apple Developer or planning to be one, you should not participate in this program. If you are not then there is nothing to be worried about.

We will never share developer account information or cryptographic identities that can identify you or your devices with anyone under any circumstances.

A new developer account can be registered by anyone in any country.


  • Apple device
  • A valid mobile phone number that can receive SMS or call
  • A valid credit card with $100 balance


  • Apple may ask you to provide your proof of identity. Only Apple has access to this data, you submit your documents to apple via a secure app or apple website. iStoreBox does not have access to that information.
  • Please Make a separate Apple ID for this program as you will be giving it to us. Do not use your personal Apple ID for this program.
  • You will need a valid phone number to receive codes on it, we will remove that number from the account at the time of handover.
  • Please make sure you use, legitimate identity and credit/debit cards, and you use legitimate information to create this developer account.


  • I see “Enrollment could not be completed at this time” on the Apple developer website – try again in a little while. Make sure that you have added account to your device on step 2 of manual
  • I see “Your request could not be completed at this time” on the Apple developer website – IP address of a country and country of your Apple developer account and freshly created Apple ID must match. Do not use a VPN.


  • The email address of the Apple ID
  • The password of the email
  • The password of the Apple ID
  • 2FA codes for this account



Option 1: Apple Developer App

  1. Create a new Apple Account https://appleid.apple.com/
  2. Logout from iCloud on your device
  3. Log in to iCloud on your device with freshly created Apple ID. Chose not to merge data.
  4. Download Apple Developer App from AppStore with your newly created AppleID
  5. Open App and tap “Enroll Now”, tap “Sign with Apple ID” and chose your new Apple ID
  6. Follow instructions to enroll as Individual / Sole proprietor
  7. Apple will email you once they activate the account (can take up to 24-48 hours)
  8. Log out from all your devices with this account
  9. Your account is ready for handover

Option 2: Using Web

  • Create a new Apple Account https://appleid.apple.com/
  • Login to the account you just created on your iOS device and go to Settings > Apple Account > Password and Security > Enable 2FA
  • Go to https://developer.apple.com/account– apple developer portal. Log in,  Agree with terms, Click “Join Apple Developer program”.
  • Fill in the form with legitimate information, go further until you will see entity type selection select “Individual / Sole proprietor”.
  • Proceed to payment and pay for it. Don’t forget to turn automatic renewal off if Apple offers you to turn it on.
  • Apple will email you once they activate the account (can take up to 24-48 hours)
  • Log out from all your devices with this account
  • Your account is ready for handover

After you have received the activation email, please email our staff on [email protected], they will assist you with further process and payout.

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